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The insight and wisdom God has given to our pastors are amazing. Bishop & Pastor Sandra empower God's people with the Word of faith; and believes in being demonstrator's of God’s power.

They oversite Harvestime Ministries in London, Luton, Uganda Jamaica and Pakistan, one church in various locations. Harvestime Ministries has grown into thousands of people between Pakistan and the UK.

They have three wonderful children, Nigel, Sabrina and Sarah who are all in Christ, who has given them 7 wonderful grandchildren.

Luke 14:17-23 “Come for all things are now ready” is the basis for the ministry that God assigned to them. The main goal of the ministry is to bring the halt, the lame,the maimed and the blind to Christ.

Bishop Burnett has been mentored over the last 40 years by some of the most outstanding men of God within the body of Christ.

He has studied the work of Kenneth E. Hagin F. F. Bosworth, John G Lake, E. W. Kenyon. Bishop John Francis, Dr. Morris Cerrullo, Kenneth & Gloria Copeland, Fred Price, Creflo Dollar, Mathew of KICC, Francis Hunter, Charles Capps, T.L Osborn, AA Allen, and many others. 

They have a bachelor of Theology Degree and a Doctorate in ministry. They both work close in ministry over the years. 

They have won many souls for the kingdom of God. They are people of faith and Godly principles. They truly believe that God urgently wants us to understand "who we are in Christ Jesus" and for the church to fully embrace our position in the Kingdom of God and value the power of God’s word in our mouth.

The ministry's focus is bringing hurting people to Jesus Christ and empowering them, by showing them, who they are in Christ.

Bishop Burnett is on Internet radio and Sky TV teaching the word of God. Great reports are coming in of people being healed and empowered by the word of God. His TV show with his dear wife Pastor Sandra is  called,“The Descendants of God”. 

The call is for the ministry to spread the gospel of the kingdom into all the regions of the world via TV, the Internet radio, books, DVDs, CDs and by whatever new means that is invented by the grace of God!

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