Harvestime Ministries

Where the Healing River is flowing!

Covid 19 

Due to Covid 19 and as advised, according to Government Guidelines for places of Worship Harvestime Ministries are taking certain measures and you are advised to adhere to the following before attending:

Wear a suitable face mask

Sanitise/Wash hands before and after services 

Maintain social distancing of up to 2 meters

Families of one household or members of your bubble are permitted to sit together as one.

Where possible Tithes/Offering/Donations should be made online via Paypal or bank transfer. Please see Donation Page in the menu bar.

Certain groups of people may be at increased risk of severe disease from COVID-19, including people who are aged 70 or older, regardless of medical condition. Individuals who fall within this group are advised to stay at home as much as possible and, if they do go out, to take particular care to minimise contact with others outside of their household. 

Individuals who are shielding should continue to follow the government’s advice on shielding.

For your safety and the safety of the general public while attending our services we have to take these measures.

Unfortunately, the current guidelines suggest that only one person is allowed to speak or sing, so that being said there will also be a change to the way in which our services are run on the outset in which the following are not permitted at present:

Group/Choir Worship

Congregational participation- worship/shouting/Singing/praising

During this time we will still be having our online Facebook Live teaching and prayer services on Wednesday @ 9pm and Sunday mornings @ 11am. Every week. 

If you have any queries concerning the above please contact Harvestime office via email @: admin@harvestime.org.uk