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Do the word

By Minister Claudette Brown

But be ye doers of the Word, and not hearers only, deceiving your ownselves. James 1:22

In the natural when as young children, sometimes not understanding what our parents were saying or why they said it, we had to do it or there would be consequences. We just did what our parents told us. For many children this did not harm them but put them in good stead for the future.

Back then our parents would set rules for their home. Back then we were abiding by the rules of the house.  

Do you know that not realising it we were actually operating by Faith. We listened and we did what we were told.  We had to listen and we had to do what our parents guided us to do whether good or bad.  Whether we liked it or not. In fact we had no say in the matter. 

In the Bible it says train up a child in the way that they should go so that they will not depart from it. Prov 22:6

Good parents, with the wisdom of God trained up their children to respect them, others, to speak and do the right things. You can see the results and success from these children's lives today because they obeyed their parents who were training them up in the Word of God which was the right way. 

So too we are Children of God,    we are servants of God, heirs of God and as His children we also have to Obey our Father who created us and serve him in a great way. 

God has a set of laws for His children to abide by and that we must live by. These are principles to help us learn how to talk, develop good mindsets and behaviours, help us to mature,  prepare us for the future and over a period of time to have a successful life.  

Its TAKING ACTION, with the right speach, a positive mindset with Hard work and being consistant you will get the job done. 

Our Father in Heaven has given us his Word which never fails. It is a set law. It is a principle that we must live by.  

We have to read it, believe it, act on it by faith we have to follow the instructions to the letter because they will determine our future and our ACTION OR LACK OF ACTION will determine whether we receive.

Whatsoever God has spoken will always come to pass. What you read,  believe, speak and ACT UPON from the Word will be fruitful. It is a spiritual law set  and our guide for life.  

The WORD of GOD is the set law to lead you in the way that you should go. If there was anything you had to follow in your life....the BIBLE which is the Word of God is the right guidance to make you succeed.

The Word comes alive in your spirit when you read it and when you speak it by Faith in Faith. Faith is one of the key ingredience and the other key ingredient is Acting On it. When you read it, believe it and speak it.

The Word read, meditated on, believed, spoken out and operated on will come to life and bring success, healing and victory. Joshua 1 says that when YOU meditate on the Word day and night and observe to do all that is written within it You shall bring good success. 

YOU.... SHALL BRING GOOD SUCCESS, So that means YOU have to do something. YOU have to take action. You have to take actions in order to bring about good success.  

No matter how long it takes... it may seem long, tedious and hard at the beginning. You may not see the results straight away but evidently it is working behind the scenes. In the spirit it is working. 

Another example of this this is when the doctor gives you pills to take the doctor says this will cure this illness, so based on what the doctor has spoken and said you yourself expect them to work. Your expectation is actual Faith you're actually putting your faith which is invisible in what the doctor said and in those pills that you're going to take also what do you do? 

You take action after hearing what the doctor has said and you take those pills morning noon and night and you have that expectation to see results. What would happen if you dont take action and take those pills? No progress or you remain sick!

So it is with the spiritual Word( which is spirit and life) which is the bread of life (Medicine to your body and health to your bones). 

So it is in the spirit when you read the Word of God daily you are taking the Word of God daily. You must receive it into your spirit and then you have that great expectation called Faith in what you have read and what you are speaking shall come to pass. 

The Word of God is actually your food/medication and your expectation is your invisible Faith. If you yourself don't take action by reading speaking or using your Faith then there will be no results.  Even though you have read, even though you have heard, even though you have received if you don't take action daily by Faith it will be nil and void.  You will not receive because you are not having an expectation or taking action on what you have heard.  

Jesus heard the Words of His Father and did exactly what his father said so therefore he always got results.  What he heard, what he spoke and whatever he did by way of His Father said to do it came to pass. 

The Word is from our Father. The Word is very simple. Here are a few simple examples of what requests were made by our Father God. 

1. Go into all the world 

2. Go compel them to come 

3. Go lay hands on the sick 

4. Love the Lord with all your heart, soul and your mind

If you hear them, if receive them but then you do not act on them then you will see no results.  

These requests are made for a reason. The instructions are for a purpose.  God knows the past, the present, the future of things to come and in order for the purpose to be fulfilled the principal instructions/requests for our lives have to be adhered to. In order for God's Word to manifest and all of Destiny to be fulfilled we are to Obey God's voice then He will be our God.

Another example of hearing the Word and being a Doer of the Word comes from:

2 Kings 5 Naaman was a commander of the army of Syria. He was a good commander and was held in favor because of the victory that God brought him. 

Yet Naaman was a leper. Naaman's wife had a servant girl from Israel who said that a prophet there would be able to heal him.  that prophet was Elisha. Elisha then told Naaman to go bathe in the Jordan seven times and he would be clean. At first Naaman was angry and would have left, but his servant asked him to try it. ÌHe did and instantly he was healed. 

What if Naaman decided to remain in anger self state and not take action! It would remained a Lepor.

There is a principle  of hearing the Word, you must be a doer of the Word. It is very important that when you hear and receive it... to act upon the Word of God. The Word is to be acted on. The Word is waiting for you to take responsibility for what you have heard. 

Our God created us in His image and likeness so just as He is so are we. We are to think like him, talk and act like our creator. 

God always speaks blessing so our job is to be fruitful and multiply by way of what God has already spoken. 

JESUS is the Son of God. Our greatest mentor is Jesus. JESUS is Lord of our lives. He is the only one we must copy/emulate. He is the one who, as his Father spoke to him he heard by Faith, did all that the Father asked without looking back, without murmuring, without regret, right to the end of His natural life. 

So much so that even when obstacles came His way, even satan tried to tempt and distract but JESUS kept his face like flint, he kept walking by Faith, he kept his focus on His father's Word and continued to walk in the steps that were ordered to carry out all the instructions of His Father to the letter.

God has already made provision for the things he's asked us to do. 

He's already equipped us to complete the task. He's given us his Authority and He's given us His blessing. So there's only a few things we are responsible for; 

To Humble ourselves

To Seek His face

To Turn from our unGodly ways

Trusting in the Lord with all our heart and Walk by Faith.

Acknowledge His Word by reading, believing and speaking it in all our ways daily; He then will direct us to do all that He asks.

Worship him in Spirit and Truth

Lay hands on the sick and others as before mentioned.

There is a dying world out there and we are the ones that our Father needs to take action by bringing them to receive Jesus, to be saved and delivered.

Because of Sin, lifetime for many will be short but God wants to save many so they can live life more abundantly. God wants to us to enable this to come to pass.

The steps of a righteous man are ordered and our Father wants to direct our path.

He wants us to walk in that path, so therefore we must acknowledge Him in all our ways so he can do this. There is a saying that actions speak louder than words. Words are very important but Action must take place to complete the WORD.

As children of God let us be DOERS OF THE WORD so that we will make our way successful in this lifetime and fulfill our assignment just like Jesus did while He was on the earth. Our Father must get the Glory. We must Honor our Father, so  If God says it, then we must Do it.