Harvestime Ministries

Where the River is flowing!


Jesus is Lord in Harvestime 

Jesus said:Come for all things are now ready Luke 14:17-23. Harvestime operate in kingdom principles, as Jesus did in his earth walk. 1 John 2:6.We are a church teaching people their true identity in Christ Jesus.Where healing and restoration is ministered to the wounded.Jesus said “ Bring those who are, poor, lame, maimed and blind” Go to the highways street and lanes.

We minister in power to the whole man, spirit, soul and body.We  teach daily the blessing of the full gospel of Christ Jesus, ministering healing to the sick.

We reach out to those who do not know Christ in the community.We are a church demonstrating the Love and power of the Lord Jesus Christ to the community.

Harvestime know that God has given each of us a divine purpose.Therefore Harvestime help people discover their God given purpose and destiny.We seek to equip others to release their full potential in Christ Jesus our Lord.

It is our vision that Harvestime grow into a large church.With people from various cultures in many nations. We will grow beyond 2000 members in various branches in the Uk and abroad.

Harvestime will develop a Youth Academy with educational programmes helping to facilitate children in our ethnic community, helping them to discover their full potential.We will also set up an accredited bible school.This could be a link school.

Kingdom business for souls is number one in Harvestime Ministries.We focus on Worship, Prayer, Love, Faith, Evangelism, Fellowship and Discipleship.

Our Prayer Circle focuses on prayer and deliverance,  24hr prayer is the vision for this ministry. It is also our vision to expand our TV ministry “The Descendants of God” taking the Gospel to the nations. 

We will do this via  TV, Radio and other social Network.Harvestime seek to network with other ministries that are like-minded for the winning of new souls.

Gen. 1:28 is a keynote scripture in our ministry along with1 Sam.14:6. Acts 4:32 and Luke 14:17-23.

"Jesus is Lord in Harvestime" 

"Come for all things are now ready" 

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