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Speaking in New tongues?

When Jackie Pullinger arrived in Hong Kong in the 1960s she was encouraged to pray in tongues for 15 mins a day by the clock. She didn’t want to and felt nothing but after about 6 weeks she noticed a change. The people she talked to about Christ believed. After that time many addicts came off heroin without pain when they prayed in tongues. See ‘Chasing the Dragon’.
John G.Lake had 100,000 recorded healings in his ministry in 5 years during the early part of the 20th century. John G. Lake said “ I want to talk with the utmost frankness and say that tongues has been the making of my ministry. It is that peculiar communication with God when God reveals to my soul the truth I utter to you day by day in the ministry ….. many times I climb out of bed, take my pencil and pad, and jot down the beautiful things of God, the wonderful things of God that he talks out in my spirit and reveals to my heart.”

Kenneth E. Hagin witnessed many miracles during his 70 years of ministry up to 2003. His son Kenneth W. Hagin has compiled ‘Tongues beyond the Upper Room’ of his father’s writings (see below). He said that he found that it easier to pray in tongues than in English and that he could get further spiritually in tongues than in any other way. “For instance, the greatest healings I’ve ever seen in my ministry came after a time of praying in other tongues. …I saw in the Spirit what I was praying about… And then as I did what I saw in the Spirit the person would be healed!”

Dr Bill Hamon thinks tongues activates our ‘ dunamis ’ (the power Jesus said his disciples would receive). Dr Hamon has interviewed Benny Hinn, Reinhard Bonnke and other well known ministers who all say they spend hours praying in tongues before a meeting in order to: charge themselves with the power of God AND wait for words of wisdom, knowledge and what the Holy Spirit wants to do.

Smith Wigglesworth, William Seymour and Oral Roberts also attributed the success of their ministries to their closeness to Almighty God through their use of tongues in prayer. You to can walk in the same power that these men of God walked in!

1. God Prophesied Tongues Through The Prophet Isaiah - Isaiah 28:11
2 .Jesus Stated/Prophesied That His Disciples Would Speak in Tongues - Mark 16:16
3 .Jesus Commanded His Disciples To Wait Until They Received The Promise of The Father Which Would Bring With It Tongues - Luke 24:49
4 When The Promise of The Father Came, They All Spoke With Other Tongues - Acts 2:4
5. The Promise Is To You And To As Many As God Shall Call - Acts 2:39
6. God Hath Set ...Diversities of Tongues In The Church - 1 Corinthians 12:28
7 .The Apostle Paul Said That His Writings Were The Commandments of God, and he said, NOT TO FORBID Speaking With Tongues - 1 Corinthians 14:37.39

1 Tongues is the entrance into the supernatural.
2. Tongues is the prayer in the New Testament.
3. Tongues is a direct line to talking to God.
4. Tongues is the believer’s direct access to the throne room.
5. Tongues is speaking divine mysteries – divine coded secrets.
6. Tongues is drawing secrets to life’s complicated issues.
7. Tongues is prophesying your God-ordained future.
8. Tongues is praying out God’s plan for your life.
9. Tongues is knowledge, counsel, and secrets withheld from the wicked.
10. Tongues is the entrance into the realm of the spirit – the miraculous zone.
11. Tongues is strengthening your inner man with might.
12. Tongues keeps you spiritually fit.
13. Tongues is praying things that have been concealed to be revealed. 
14. Tongues is decreeing the rhema of God.
15. Tongues pulls you from the past into the future.
16. Tongues is home improvement and a source of spiritual edification.
17. Tongues is building a strong premise to carry the anointing.
18. Tongues builds and stimulates your faith.
19. Tongues gives you unstoppable progress that your enemies cannot deny.
20. Tongues is giving praise and thanksgiving well unto God.
21. Tongues lines you up with the divine will of God.
22. Tongues is speaking the language and will of God.
23. Tongues is help with your ultimate weakness.
24. Tongues is the ultimate assistance to prayer.
25. Tongues qualifies all things to work for your good.
26. Tongues renders you to be God-inside minded.
27. Tongues makes you miracle-minded.
28. Tongues magnifies God.
29. Tongues enlarges your perspective of God’s potency in your life.
30. Tongues gives spiritual refreshing and rest.
31. Tongues hones your sharpness and accuracy in the anointing.
32. Tongues facilitates the entrance into the gifts of the Spirit.
33. Tongues equips you for the wonders of God.
34. Tongues is fine-tuning and sensitizing your spirit man to the voice of God.
35. Tongues is assistance to bring your natural tongue under subjection.
36. Tongues develops intimacy with the Holy Ghost.
37. Tongues is your private conversation with God.
38. Tongues is deep calling unto deep.
39. Tongues accesses revelation knowledge.
40. Tongues taps into the mind of God.
41. Tongues opens the Scriptures to you from a divine perspective rather than an intellectual standpoint.
42. Tongues is part of the armor of God, the lance that will shoot down the enemy.
43. Tongues is the pilum to cause great damage to the kingdom of darkness.
44. Tongues helps you to develop your prayer life.
45. Tongues synchronizes you with the timing of God.
46. Tongues is alignment with the assignment of God.
47. Tongues is a door of utterance and boldness. 
48. Tongues is the Holy Spirit searching your heart and praying through you the perfect will of God.
49. Tongues is pulling treasure out of you.
50. Tongues is leaning upon God.
51. Tongues is blowing the ram’s horn for battle.
52. Tongues is the rallying sound of victory.
53. Tongues is releasing angels on heavenly assignments to change earthly situations.
54. Tongues is a brainstorming session with God.
55. Tongues taps into the creativity of Elohim.
56. Tongues overrules and overturns death assignments against your life.
57. Tongues reverses demonic assignments against your well-being.
58. Tongues removes you from the limitations of the flesh to God’s abundant supply of the Spirit.
59. Tongues is making demands upon the power of God.
60. Tongues enables a closer walk with God.
61. Tongues is speaking the hidden wisdom of God.
62. Tongues is the beginning of being led by the Holy Spirit.
63. Tongues is living supernaturally in a natural world.
64. Tongues opens the heavens and charges the atmosphere.
65. Tongues is the release of the shekinah glory.
66. Tongues is getting drunk on the new wine of the Holy Ghost.
67. Tongues is pouring in the oil and wine of the Holy Ghost.
68. Tongues are life-filled words, faith-filled words and anointing-filled words.
69. Tongues lights the fire of God in your life.
70. Tongues delivers you from the scourge of the tongue.
71. Tongues is unlocking every closed prison door in your life.
72. Tongues is a well springing up into the Zoe-God kind of life.
73. Tongues is the beginning and the maintaining of partnership with the Holy Spirit.
74. Tongues is Koinonia with the Parakletos.
75. Tongues is releasing the winds of God to blow in your life.
76. Tongues is the wind in your sail.
77. Tongues is the wind beneath your wings.
78. Tongues unleashes the winds of revival and refreshing in your life.
79. Tongues is refilling empty vessels.
80. Tongues is spirit-to-Spirit communication. 
81. Tongues helps in living effectively in the last days.
82. Tongues is the ignition key to walking in the power of God.
83. Tongues is being endued with power from on high.
84. Tongues is rivers of living waters flowing out of you.
85. Tongues is drinking from the river and reservoir of God.
86. Tongues is serving God from your spirit.
87. Tongues enables you to perform your priestly duties.
88. Tongues is building your image of God in you and confidence.
89. Tongues is expressing, enforcing, and declaring the will of God in your life and the earth.
90. Tongues is extracting answers from the indwelling Spirit to solve life’s problems.
91. Tongues is praying from your spirit.
92. Tongues is giving your spirit ascendency and power over your flesh.
93. Tongues aids you to mortify the deeds and evil cravings of the flesh.
94. Tongues connects the intercession of the Holy Spirit with your great High Priest Jesus.
95. Tongues is the highest form of the prayer of agreement.
96. Tongues is the divine agreement of the prayers of our earthly and heavenly intercessor with the plans of God.
97. Tongues is the threefold cord that will not be broken.
98. Tongues is ministering to yourself, to the Lord, and unto others.
99. Tongues is worshiping the Father in spirit and in truth.
100. Tongues charges your spiritual battery.
101. Tongues makes you God-friendly rather than seeker friendly, confuses the devil, and ignites revival power from within.
101 Reasons To Speak In Tongues