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The Descendants of God Book Series



Bishop Burnett is an accomplished Author of a series of books called

THE DESCENDANTS OF GOD’, which can be used as manuals for Bible Study. 


In Book 1 He teaches ‘Who we are in Christ’. It has been reported that while reading Book 1 people around the world are being healed.

In Book 2 Bishop Burnett reveals by the Spirit the position of the believer ‘seated in their heavenly places in Christ Jesus’ and that we are in the kingdom not simply when we die and leave this world, but right now, in the NOW.


We are already within kingdom of Jesus Christ. For those who want to be empowered they come to understand that they can step into their purpose and  destiny in Christ Jesus right now.

In Book 3 he teaches that God has already spoken your healing, the believer is already healed in Christ Jesus and has to receive and hold unto their healing.

Book 4 is about demonstrating the power of the Lord.


Book 5 is Inside Information from the Holy Spirit to the body of Christ.

One cannot read these books and remain the same. Because they are inspired by the Holy Spirit for the body of Christ today.



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