Pastor Sandra Burnett


Our Woman of God


Started very early in ministry at the age of 12 working alongside her parents Bishop Sylvester and Esther Grant. She has since gone over 4 decades to become a highly skilled teacher and demonstrator of the Word of faith.  She travels extensively preaching and teaching the undiluted Gospel of Christ.


With a powerful anointing on her life and the heart for souls in today's society Pastor Sandra continues to minister to the heart and soul of many hurting people, KEEPING IT REAL.


Her desire is to reach out to all young people today especially those who are pressured...youth for whom society creates so many opportunities for sin.


She strives to strengthen women planting positive word of faith seeds, with her biblical teaching, encouragement and guiding them towards Christ. Pastor Sandra believes that women of today's society need to know they can have fun, fulfilling the plan of God, while living an abundant life.


She is experienced in empowering many, especially women and has developed a program called the  'SOUL CLINIC- Detox the thoughts'. Her aim is to work with women to help them deal with the matters of the heart, past and present, training and  empowering them with the Word of Faith, so they can step into their true identity In Christ.


Women of Virture Ministry

The Women of Virtue Ministry is a mighty force within Harvestime led by Pastor Sandra Burnet. Sounding a trumpet, call to today’s women to answer the call of God on their lives.Our aim in this ministry is to build unity, trust and honour among women, to reveal their identity and self-worth in Christ. It is of great importance to prove and develop a spirit of excellence to sharpen and strengthen one another in our individual gifts and calling.

Through many of her inspirational messages, many souls have been saved, delivered from unhealthy personal circumstances.

          For example, here are some of the topics she has preached so eloquently to us.

          (1)  All the ways of a Man/Woman seem right to him, but the Lord knows the heart.   

          (Proverbs 21:2)

          (2)  Who would I be without scars.

          (3)  The things we Fear are the things that are Afraid of us

          (4)  The task ahead of you is never as great as the Power behind you.


There are so many more dynamic messages which she has preached all of which has positive effects on many lives. Such as, many who were depressed, confused and did not know which way to turn, have answered the call of God on their lives.  

Currently, our Women’s Ministry has a Yearly Weekend Retreat where we participate in different activities, counselling workshops, communicate, pray and fellowship as sisters to sisters. Every third Sunday is Women’s Sunday where the women of Harvestime take turn ministering, preaching and encouraging each other in various ways.

Women why not take a moment and come taste and see what God has provided for you? You are invited to come and feast at the table, and learn about our Creator, from this chosen Inspirational and dedicated woman of God.

Remember all things are possible with God, (Matthew 19:23-30) no one else can love, comfort, prosper and protect you more than God Himself. So, come one and all and feast with us from the messages of our very own Pastor Sandra. 

Many blessings to you all.






























































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