Hold fast your PROFESSION/ CONFESSIONHeb 4:14.

Remember to Homologeo the word of God's promises daily.

This is why God says "hold fast your confession of faith". Heb 14:14. Heb 10:23.

God's word will change the negative facts in your life. But you must speak them out loud in faith and this must be your lifestyle. You cannot speak God's word then speak doubt and fear words then think you will get good result. You have to hold fast to God's word every day. 

Regardless of what you see in the natural.

Descendants please remember to continue to speak the word of God over the circumstances that you see.

However they God's word are seeds which must be planted in order to bring supernatural results.

We plant them by speaking them in faith.We are spiritual farmers we are supernatural spirit beings

Don't let the negative facts of this life stop you from speaking what God said. The biggest problem in this life is to say only what God says in the face of operant failure yes it is difficult to say (with his stripes we are healed)when the pain is rocking our body, but if we want God to work for us we must keep saying and believing what God said.

You'll need to hold fast to your confession day and night

We are the Ambassadors of Christ in the earth we represent him in this world and he represents us in heaven before the great Father God and the angels.

We are supernatural beings on the inside sent down from Heaven to work the works of God by Faith in Christ. 

We are always surrounded by the angels of the living God therefore we are never alone. Understand that you are the descendant of the living God.

Know that you are who God says you are and make sure that you are fulfilling the great commission which Jesus Christ has given to us to accomplish.

We are not of this world we are born of the almighty God. Now are we the sons of God We have this treasure in earthen vessels. 2 Cor.7.

Your supernatural turn around is upon you.

Many years ago Israel was in trouble and they cried out to the Lord together. God answered them by choosing the man called Gideon to free them from the hands of the enemy.

When we pray our prayers have eternal consequences.

God takes our prayers seriously. God will only intervene in our lives based on our prayers.

No matter what you face today make sure your main focus is what God have said in his word.

God's word is unchangeable but the facts and the issues that we see and face in this world they are all temporary.

If we keep focusing on what we see in the natural we will lose sight of what God has said about us in his word. 

Train yourself to be disciplined by the word of God alone, always let the word of God be your final authority. The unchangeable word of God will change the changeable in your life.

You are "The descendants of God". What God has said about you in his word no man can ever change.

Glory to God.

Go after what you cannot afford because the Earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof.

Remember you have angelic assistance that is waiting on your faith command.

You are the voice of the Lord in the earth just as John the Baptist was.This is your turn to walk with God by faith.

You are sent into the impossible so put your eyes on the bigness of your God. When God sends us into the land for inheritance he prepares us with his word.

When we listen to his word we focus on the invisible then when we can see the invisible we can do the impossible.

You must observe the law of faith by speaking only what God says.

This is what your invisible angels are waiting for. The words we speak today will ambush us later on in our life.

What you believe and speak will come to pass in your life!!!!!

This is the Law of God HimselfYou shall have what you sayyyyy!!!!!!Your own words is shaping your future they will come back and Ambush you later

Prov. 12:6 Mk 11:23 Num. 14:28 Job 22:28 Prov. 6:2 Rom 10:9-10.

So stop blaming others and take responsibility for what you have been saying!!!!!!

The born again person must learn to live by God's word system which is, completely strange to the worlds way of thinking!!!!!!!! You shall have what you say.

The word will remove fear and build faith and confidence into you.

When we speak the word it will seem silly in the beginning as if we're speaking foolish things.

But how can God's word be foolish??

God's word is impregnable and infallible therefore day and night confess them out loud as a lifestyle so your angels can get instructions from you as you speak them out.

God and the angels are waiting on us to speak the blood covenant word of God. It is as we plant the word by speaking them into our spirit God begins to work for us in ways we cannot know.

Remember you are dealing with invisible forces that are supernatural and eternal these forces are forever. 

They will change what we see as facts in the natural if we don't quit our confessions.We have entered a new season of the supernatural. Therefore make sure you are thinking and speaking supernaturally.