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Word of faith!

Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that procceedeth out of the mouth of God! Matt 4:4.

We're not required to live by the natural only, but by every word of the faith of God. 

The faith of God is, God’s eternal word.The supernatural must become our ordinary, as it was for Jesus our master.

The believer must learn to live by the Principles of the world to come, which is the eternal word of God. God's word is definately not the product of time,it has always been the product of eternity. 

So we are required to live by what is from eternity first, which is the eternal word of the living God. Jesus said that the word is Spirit and they are life St John 6:63.

Jesus Christ is the word of God that lives forever, and is forever settled in heaven.Heaven and earth shall pass away but God's word in our mouth stands forever in heaven and earth. 

"God's word in your mouth will do it for you. Your miracle is in your own mouth" Prov. 6:2.

Did you know there is a scripture that says,Continue in the faith grounded and settled and be not moved away from the hope of the gospel?

Frustration is a result of us not taking God at his word.When we are frustrated we tend to take things into our own hands, which only makes thinge worse. We  must learn to walk and live by faith.

We must never doubt God's word in our heart, because doubt will short circuit the manifestation of our blessings.

Doubt is designed to stop you, but faith is designed to put you over every time in life regardless of circumstances!

Doubt is a Blessing blocker.

Faith is the Blessing releaser.

Doubt is blind but faith sees through the storm.

Doubt attracts the curse, never the Blessing.

Faith attracts the Blessing always.

Doubt is the product of reason.

Faith is the product of God's eternal word.

Jesus said you shall not doubt in your heart.

Remember who you are in Christ Jesus. 

You are a New Creation in Christ Jesus!

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