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We are Accepted in the beloved

  • You Are Accepted in the Beloved

    To the praise of the glory of His grace, by which He made us (accepted in the Beloved) In whom we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace. Ephesians 1:6–7

  • Today's reading tells us that we are accepted in Christ, the Beloved. And because we are in Christ, we are pleasing to God!

  • But Bishop, I have done nothing to make myself well pleasing to God!
  • Neither did Jesus. In Mark 1: 9–11, God called Jesus His beloved and said that He was well please in him before  He had even performed one miracle or act of service for Him. 

  • You see, Jesus is  pleasing to His Father not because of what He has done, but because of who He is.
    Did you get that? If not, please read the last sentence again.
  • Jesus didn’t have to do anything or accomplish anything before He was considered beloved and pleasing to the Father.

  • The good news for you and me today is that our Father in heaven has “made us accepted in the Beloved,” and “in Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace” (Eph. 1:6–7).

  • This is true for any believer of Jesus. The moment you received Him into your life, God the Father made you accepted in the Beloved.

  • We know that the word “Beloved” here is in reference to Jesus.
  •  So why didn’t God just say “accepted in Jesus Christ”? That is because God wants you to be conscious that you are now part of the divine family and you are beloved to Him, the same way that Jesus is. 
  • We are complete in the beloved. Col  2:10.

  • Furthermore, the word “accepted” in the original Greek is a word far richer in meaning than the English translation can convey. It’s the word  charitoo, and it means “highly favored.” 
  • This word is used only one other time in the Bible, when angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and said to her, “Rejoice, highly favored [charitoo] one, the Lord is with you; blessed are you among women!” (Luke 1:28).
  • So you and I are not just accepted in the Beloved, which is already fantastic, but we are more precisely highly favored in the Beloved, Jesus Christ.
  • In fact, the Greek scholar Thayer says that  charitoo   also mean we are surrounded by favor. Total victory over all darkness.
  • That’s why we should  proclaim and declare that we are highly favoredgreatly blessed, and deeply loved. It’s a powerful declaration and an important reminder that you are not alone and left to fend for yourself in life. 
  • You have a Father in heaven who loves you, favors you, protects you, and watches over you and all your loved ones He lives in us all the time.
  • We are the workmanship of the beloved. Eph 2:10. Our lives were planned before the world began.

Understand and believe that according to God's word in Ephesians  1:6-7 {we are accepted in the Beloved

We are delivered by the Beloved from the powers of Darkness. Col 1:13

We are translated into the Beloved into the kingdom of Jesus Christ. Col 1-14.

We have passed from death the nature of satan, to life,the nature of God.Jn 5

We have been given power and authority over all the power of the enemy because we're in the beloved. Luke  10-19. 

We have Jesus' authority in us.His own actual authority.

We have inherited everything that Jesus is, because we are in the Beloved. Eph 1:6.

Now are we the sons of God. 1 John 3:2. 

We are born of God in the Beloved.  And as he is so are we in this world. 1 John 4:17.

The Beloved is our shepherd we shall not want. Psalms 23.

We are perfect because we are in, the Beloved, who is perfect. 

The Beloved is our refuge and strength our very present help in trouble. Ps 46

According to the scriptures, we are in the beloved who will never break his Covenant and he will never alter his promises to us.Ps 89

Heaven and earth shall pass away but not the word of the beloved. Matt 24.

We are the body of the beloved in this world. 1 Cor 12:27.
As Believers we need to understand  that we are actually in the Beloved and the Beloved is within us. 

We have been given all authority and power over all the power of the enemy because we are his body and because we represent him in this world and he represents us in heaven. 

In the Beloved, we cannot be condemned.In the Beloved sickness and lack is not our portion. 

We are completely victorious over Satan in the Beloved.We have the hope of glory in us.

In the Beloved, we have become the children of light, we have become the Children of God. We are 100-percent accepted in the beloved by the father God.

The Beloved is 100-percent accepted by the father because of who he is.And we are in the beloved.

This is why the father said in  Mark 1 this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased, and because we are in Christ the Beloved We Are Forever accepted in the beloved.

All our sins are forgiven in the beloved all our sicknesses and diseases are healed in the Beloved. By his stripes we are healed. Isa 53:4-5.

We are God's new creation people and family in the Beloved. 

2 Cor 5:17.

We are a new creation in the Beloved, in him we have received the abundance of the grace of God and the righteousness of God in the beloved. 2 Cor 5:21.

The God of the universe has 100-percent accepted you in the Beloved, it is as though you have never sinned because you are within the Beloved and the Beloved is in you. You are perfect in him.

The father, the Son and the Holy Spirit has fully accepted you in the Beloved. 

You are fully justified and declared righteous in the Beloved. There is no condemnation to those who are in the Beloved to those who do not walk after the flesh but after the spirit. 

In the Beloved, you have wisdom in the beloved you have righteousness in the Beloved you have sanctification, and in the Beloved, you have eternal Redemption in the beloved. 

In the Beloved, you have become the righteousness of God in Christ you have become a new creation you are a new person with the DNA, life and ability of the Beloved inside of you. 

You have all the authority of the Beloved that is in you. 

In the Beloved you are United with him forever and you are one in spirit with the Beloved. 1 Cor 6:17.

The Holy Spirit dwells within you forever because you are in the Beloved and you are forever accepted in the Beloved. 

You are a divine citizen you are in the Divine family you are created of what God is in the beloved. Whatever the Beloved is that what you are forever  because you are accepted in him forever that is what you are in him. 

God has given you absolute authority and mastership over satanic forces, because you are in the Beloved and the Beloved is in you forever. 

Your sufficiency is in the beloved in you, and you are in him always forever. You victory and union in him is forever.

In the Beloved, you have been given divine status. You partake of his divine nature.

In the Beloved, you are more than a conqueror over death and hell and the Grave and over every sicknesses and dieseases   you encounter in  life journey. 

You can release divine healing at will, because you're in the Beloved and you are his ambassador, you are his Direct representative on the Earth, and he is your Direct representative in heaven. 

Because you're in the beloved you are born of God you are not of this world system you are a citizen of the world to come and you have inherited the exceeding great and precious promises of God, because in the beloved you are a partaker of the Divine nature. 2 Pet 1:1-4.You have divine status in Christ.

You can now do all things through Christ the beloved that is in you.Phil 4:13.Ref.

You are accepted, yes you are, you are accepted in the beloved. 

You are a wonder to the world because you are in the Beloved you have authority and power over all the power of the enemy because you are  accepted 100% in the Beloved.

God's word regarding your status in the beloved is forever settled in heaven.Psalms 119.