Harvestime Ministries

Where the Healing River is flowing!

Everything that Jesus is, is within you right now

When we became born again Christ the Hope of Glory came to live inside us. 

We were given the seal of Authority in His name and His blood.It's the same authority that was in him while on Earth. 

We are not just saved and sanctified brethren of the Lord. We have the father, Son and Holy ghost. We have the 3 in one living in us. 

When you gave your heart to the Lord you became a representative of the Kingdom of heaven. 

When we truly understand how complete we are in Him we will never say never. We will understand that nothing is impossible. Matt 17:20

Just as Jesus was given Authority to represent our father in the earth. So too must we represent our Father as Jesus has gone back to sit on the right hand of the father.

Just as Jesus operated on his fathers behalf in his stead so too must we operate like Jesus. If I have Gods DNA, I have his seal. Satan cant mess with me and win.

I must not allow it. I just speak as Christ did and He will flee.

Its important/imperative that we first Observe/Look into the Word/Law/Commandments of the Lord God and secondly Do/walk in/operating/following exactly what is written/commanded of us to do. 

Only then shall we see the salvation/deliverance/release/manifestation of the Lord. 

Forget about how we feel. We must do what is written.

Following the pattern/blue print. I never ministered like that before. Never knew words propel The Anointing is in me on me and I have to just trust and obey the Lord who lives in me. I just relied on Him. Out of my belly flowed living water. 

You feed on the Word daily and You obey the Word daily so when you come into the house of God to speak pray prophecy and lay hands on the sick as Jesus did you expect the miracles/signs to follow you and they do. Authority and power/ability is with us wherever we go because Christ lives in us. 

We just simply have to connect, be aware and believe that. so too with Your books, they are in you. The Word you fed on, the Jesus nature which inside of you overflow and all you did was write what was inside of you. Look at what is written now. 

When your observing to do that which is written in the Word it means you are consistently mindful of who Christ is, Who He is in you and where you stand as His. You are in Him and He is in you. 

It's amazing. I'm so glad that I know Jesus

By Minister Claudete Brown