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     Departure from the Faith of Christ

Departure from the Faith of Christ is departure from the word of God.

Unbelief is causing many to depart from the faith of God's Eternal Word.This demon if permitted can shipwreck your life on Earth and cancel out your assignment.

King James Version:
Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;1 Timothy 4:1 KJV

Amplified version
BUT THE [Holy] Spirit distinctly and expressly declares that in latter times some will turn away from the faith, giving attention to deluding and seducing spirits and doctrines that demons teach,1 Timothy 4:1 AMPC

Unbelief is a dangerous demon

And he marveled because of their unbelief. And he could there do no mighty works because of their unbelief. Mark 6:5-6.  Mark 9. They could not cast him out.  Num. 13-14.example.

This demon (restricted) the ministry of Jesus in his town of Nazareth, because, the people saw him only in the flesh, and not with ("the eyes of faith")

They did not believe he was the Son of God.

There is; some people that will not believe in you and what you carry. Don’t worry about it, just move on.

Your unbelief can marvel God. Mk. 6:5-6

Many destiny's / many lives and ministries have been aborted by this unbelief demon.

Unbelief is a local church aborter. This demon is a marriage aborter. This demon is a fellowship aborter.

Many businesses ideas have been aborted by this demon using its (blinding ministry)

Faith is not generated by what we see but by what we hear and believe. 

We must function by the faith of God with the eyes of faith. 

Obey God's word always. 

The demon of unbelief will block your Divine Provisions if permitted. 

Don't permit unbelief to control your life on Earth ,don't allow unbelief to restrict you in fulfilling your Divine assignment.

The spirit of unbelief is actually a satanic demon that attacks the hearts of man and the minds of man.

Unbelief is not interested in God's agenda for man

Holding faith, and a good conscience; which some having put away concerning faith have made (shipwreck): 1 Timothy 1:19 KJV


Satan uses the demon of unbelief to keep our eyes off the promises of God. 

That's an old strategy of his. But God said: let not my words depart from thine eyes.

These Devils make it their duty to distract people from the word of God that produces faith within the heart of Man. Satan is terrified of your faith.

Unbelief causes a distraction from the word of faith

This demon knows that God cannot work in the environment of unbelief.

God operates always in the environment of faith in his word.

So this demon is getting most people to focus on the issues of this life rather than on God's eternal word with it's inherent miracle power.

The Spirit of doubt/unbelief will restrict the anointing from the life of the believer.      (Body of Christ) this demon knows that without the anointing we cannot be effective against the kingdom of darkness.

You must believe what you hear God tells you in his word. 

It is impossible for God to lie but you must know that in your heart.

Always mark those people that always highlight problems rather than speak the answer, which is the word of God. 

These are the, none achievers in the earth so keep away from them. Align yourself with faith building mentors

This demon will hide the reality that the word of God is already forever settled in heaven and this demon will do it's best to get you to focus on what is seen now; rather than on the promises of God.

This demon wants you to focus on your faults rather than taking God at his word. 

Stop doubting God now.

This demon wants you to doubt what you are in Christ.

He wants you to doubt the indwelling Christ nature in you.

This demon of unbelief restricted Israel in the book of Numbers chapter 13 to 14 to the point that most of the Israelites died in the wilderness and did not obtain the Promise.

This demon, if permitted will shipwreck your faith so that your Divine Purpose and assignment will be aborted.

Unbelief is in the destiny abortion shipwreck business

In the midst of doubt and fear, you must still take God at his word and INDUCE your miracle by standing on the word of promise. Heb.10: 23

The woman with the handful of  meal induced her miracle by her given.

Keep on speaking the word out loud. You on the Miracle is within the word of faith that God has given to you that is where it is therefore release it with your confession of faith.

If you permit DOUBT/UNBELIEF in your heart it will restrict the anointing off your life and ministry. Get rid of it now. 

It is very important to practice taking God at his word and practice doing the word on every occasion. Be a doer of the word.

The only way to please God is to do his word. Ref James 1:22

Inside information

Don’t let Satan cause you to abandon God's eternal word. That's what he wants you to do.

Your miracle is within God's eternal word. Your problem is temporary but God’s word is eternal. Your sickness is temporary but the healing word is eternally settled forever in heaven.

Let your spirit be the good soil for the word of God to grow in Mark 4.

The highway to your success is the promises of God. 

This is your time to walk by faith. 

Jesus loved the people of Nazareth but even though he was 100% anointed of God he could not do many mighty works in Nazareth because of the unbelief of the people and the familiarity of the people.

You must be very careful of becoming too familiar with a man or woman of God. That's what happened in Nazareth

You must perceive the anointing on them and value it. 

You should know whom you are supernaturally assigned to

You must be led of the Spirit of the Lord.

The most important thing in life is to take God at his word and be a doer of his word knowing that God can never lie; that is a total impossibility

The simple reality is; if God cannot lie then what he told you in his word is the absolute truth so you can rely on it daily.

Facts lie but God speaks the truth.

The body of Jesus Christ must assassinate the Spirit of unbelief and fear and rise up into their divine status in Christ Jesus.

God doesn't want you to live in doubt or function in doubt he wants you to live and function by Faith.

The believer when praying must simply know that God is listening and God will always back his word if we stand on his word in faith.

When we doubt God we are definitely malfunctioning.

God will not work with you if you do not believe him. He gets no pleasure out of doubt. But he rejoices with faith and rewards faith.

Man was not created to doubt but to believe God at all times. God will never compromise with doubt.

Your doubt is a direct insult to God.

Doubt is a product of the curse, but faith is a product of the Blessing

Your unbelief is the greatest hindrance to the manifestation of your blessing.

Your doubt will induce a breaching of your miracle, but your faith will turn your miracle loose.

Doubt causes death sicknesses and destruction but faith brings forth Zoe the God-kind of life.

Your doubt is the real reasonwhy you refuse to give biblically, but your lack will stay until you learn to give

Your doubt tells God to keep out of your affairs, but your faith calls the Lord in for help.

Doubt will immobilize you, but faith will mobilize you into action.

Doubt will abort your miracle but faith will INDUCE YOUR MIRACLE manifestation.

Your doubt will restrict the flow of divine provision but faith always has a way out.

Your doubt is blocking your healing.

Your doubt is blocking your miracle. 

Your doubt is blocking your money. 

Your doubt is blocking your change. 

Your doubt is blocking your breakthrough.

Unbelief is a serious destiny killer.

The Blessing will not work with doubt.

You are not the product of doubt; but of faith, so why walk in doubt?

Doubt is cheating you out of your success and destiny. 

Doubt is stealing your God-given stuff.

There is not even a shadow of turning with God so why doubt.
God is looking for your next faith move. 

Doubt will hold back your prayer life and prevent your greatness from manifesting.

Doubt can hold your future captive. 
Doubt is a very wealthy thief in the nations.

Doubt can hold your ministry captive 

Doubt can cause you to miss your destiny.

Doubt can stop you from praying the way you should; as many are doing today.

If you focus on your problem you will doubt, but if you focus on the word of promise you will believe.

You must stop your doubting and act on God's word that cannot fail you.

Learn to live by the faith of God’s word daily.


Doubt is not your divine portion. Faith in God is your divine portion.

In the midst of doubt and fear, you must still take God at his word, and induce your miracle,

by standing on the word of promise.

God does no business at all with unbelief.

Unbelief is an insult to God and his constitution.

The reward for unbelief is death because it insults the king.

Unbelief is cancer in the hearts of men that restrict the blessing from their lives.

Unbelief comes to stop you from entering your promised land of total victory in Christ.

You cannot enter your promised land with unbelief in your heart.

Your confessions must be baptized in faith.

You must be pregnant with faith in your heart and mouth in order to impress God.

Your greatest asset is your faith in God

You are a great danger to Satan when your faith is operating.

The sickness is terrified of your faith command but you must know that too as well.

It is by faith you must take command in Jesus name. You can put devils out of business with your faith.

Doubt is the employer of those who doubts God's eternal word.

The wages of unbelief is death sickness and destruction. But faith is the way to please God.

You must bind that devil of unbelief. 

God operates in the faith realm, therefore, the body of Christ must learn to function in the miracle realm in order to get our needs met by God.

There is nothing too hard for God but you will only find him in the faith realm. Doubt focuses on problems but faith focuses on what God said.

The only interest of faith is the word of God.

Faith is not afraid of any storm. There is no fear in faith because faith is what God said.

There is such a thing as creative faith where nothing is impossible.

This is the arena that God wants the church to function in.

The time has come to see God, through the eyes of faith.

You can shut down your storm with your faith.

Your faith is actually stronger than your storm but you have to perceive that.

You must become aware of who is living in you.

The more you become conscious of the Christ in you is the more you will see miracles.

Your strength depends on how conscious you are of the God in you.

You were created to walk in the faith realm of God where there is no lack.

Your destiny is locked up in your faith your healing is locked up in your faith

Unbelief is gross misconduct in the realms of the spirit.

God will never tolerate unbelief in his presence.

Unbelief is a major satanic prince that is attacking the church as never before in the heart and mind.

This demon is causing great damage to many. The only remedy is the word of God acted on by the church.

Unbelief is terrified of faith in God's word.

Jesus put the unbelief out of the room and so must you, if you want to see resurrection power manifested in your life.

Unbelief is a destiny hacker and blocker.

Unbelief is a stumbling block into your blessing.

This demon has hijacked many homes and many ministries in many nations.

Unbelief is very deceptive and has the face of an angel of light. The reason for so much pain is unbelief.

It is very important to perceive unbelief and rebuke that demon for what he is, a total traitor to the kingdom of God. Unbelief is only loyal to Satan never to God its purpose is to undermine God and his people however in Christ Jesus we have been given power and authority over all these Devils.

The time has come to open your eyes and function in your divine status in Christ Jesus because it is as we operate in our divine status unbelief cannot touch our heart life.

It is vitally important to keep on repeating the word of faith to our children in this generation so that the Spirit of unbelief do not arrest their hearts and mind as it is happening in many nations of the world

Unbelief wants you to think that you are nothing and that God doesn’t love you. But you must search the word of God to find out who you are in Christ and then personally apply God's word on a daily basis by speaking out the promises of God.

Doubt is a tragedy in the lives of people in local churches and has been hindering the work of God for many years.

But the time has come to walk by Faith and not by sight the time has come to step on unbelief and press on into our destiny and purpose in Christ Jesus.

Remember unbelief has no part or lot with your destiny in Christ, therefore, rebuke the demon of unbelief and practice the word of God as a professional faith believer in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Don't let unbelief rob you of your blessing, or of your inheritance in Christ Jesus.

Learn to function by trusting the nature of God that is within your inner man.

Tell the unbelief that you are not of this world and that you are born of God and that you are not a failure but you are a Believer.

Matt. 17: 19-21. Then came the disciples to Jesus apart and said why could not we cast him out? 

And Jesus said unto them; because of your unbelief. 

For verily I say unto you if you have faith as a grain of mustard seed you shall say unto this mountain remove hence to yonder place and it shall remove and nothing shall be impossible unto you. Matt 17:20

However, this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.21 Unbelief is really the counter-attack of Satan operating against the word of God in the hearts of people.

What the unbelief is doing is a counter attack trying to stop you from receiving what God wants you to receive.

This is where you need to take God at his word and do not give in to doubt nor unbelief.

The father in Matt 17 was very distressed over many years because of what he was seeing his son experiencing. 

Jesus gave him hope by saying to him: if you can believe all things are possible to him that believeth Mark 9:23.

The man was very honest to Jesus admitting that he had unbelief in his heart but quickly ask Jesus for help by saying, Lord, I believe help me.

Jesus quickly responded by helping him in healing his son instantly with the power of God that was on him. 

I believe the time has come to stop making excuses and we need to begin to demonstrate God's power to a dying world. A world, that desperately needs to connect back to the faith of God the word of God and the power of God.

Excuses are not good enough we need to meet the needs of people with the power of God we need to stand up in our divine status and take God at his eternal word knowing that his eternal word cannot fail us at any time.

Jesus said it was because of their unbelief why the disciples could not cast that demon out of that boy.

Therefore we need to understand that we must not tolerate the demon of unbelief in our hearts if we want God to work for us in miracles signs and wonders.

The authority was given to the disciples but they did not properly trust God because of their unbelief.

They thought they could not get the job done but the authority and power were already given to them. But they were not using it in faith.

And because they were not using it in faith they could not accomplish their goal to cast out that demon.