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The Scripture declares:

Rom.14: 12 

Every man shall give (account) (report) of himself unto God.


Jesus said: The scriptures cannot be broken. John 10:35


It is impossible for God to lie Hebrews chapter 6

Scripture teaches:

(Two divine appointments)


It is (appointed) unto man once to die but after this,

the (judgment). Heb. 9: 27.


Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he reap.Gal.6:5-7.


Jesus said:

I must work, the works of him that sent me (while it is day) (opportunity) for the night cometh when no man can work. John 9:4 

Your opportunities are running out so, move on what God has already told you to do that you have not yet done.


We all have a STRICT LIMITED TIME on the Earth in comparison to life in eternity.


During our time on the Earth we are accountable to God, whether we recognize it or not.


We are responsible for how we spend our time on the Earth. 

Globally Many ignore this to their eternal damnation.


We are (responsible and accountable) for how we treat others in our life journey

Most in the body of Christ has forgotten this fact.


Life on earth is a journey heading back into eternity where we are from. Therefore we must learn to walk by faith and not by sight.


Adam failed by starting to walk by sight and not by faith. He forsook the order of the Lord. 

He abandoned the word of God, his eternal source. He separated himself from God.


We are irresponsible if we are not walking by faith

To walk by sight on Earth is to be completely irresponsible.

Our whole duty is to live by God’s eternal word that is forever settled in Heaven.

Faith is the only way to please our heavenly father.Heb.11: 6.


He is the faith God and has always been. 

Faith is not new to God because he has always functioned by faith. It is his very nature being and substance of operating in the earth.


Whatever is not of faith is sin. Wow.Therefore we should only involve ourselves in faith projects, the things of the kingdom.


Jesus said: Not everyone that says unto me Lord, Lord shall enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, but he that doeth the will of my father which is in heaven. Matt 7.


Jesus also said; if you continue in my word then are you my disciples indeedSt John 8.


Only the doers of the word will go to heaven. Most don’t want to admit this. We make all kinds of excuses not to obey God. But the blessing is for those who obey God.


Make sure you do the word. That’s the secret of great power with God.


In Mark 4 various groups of people heard the word of God, but only one group decided to obey the word of God, and that was the only group that was productive in the things of the spirit because they simply practiced the word of God.



Everyone is called to be responsible and accountable in every detail of life to God. Rom 14:12.

This is why the Bible says: without vision the people perish. (Vision speaks of insight) Those who don't see in the spirit are actually blind.

We must understand what season we are in and get on with our divine task regardless of what we see in the natural.

We are accountable to God regarding our divine purpose on Earth. 2 Tim 1:9. Ref.


We are his ambassadors in the earth on assignment.

Ambassadors are directly accountable to their king.


We are accountable to God regarding how we treat others on earth.


Our response to God’s word is being, recorded monitored by angels constantly.


In relationships:

Husband and wife are accountable to God to be faithful to each other.


Because we neglect this accountability, the divorce courts are full of people waiting for divorce globally.


Children are accountable to obey their parents. This produces longevity of life on earth.


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Because children are stepping out of this accountability and responsibility they are dying in their young days; children killing children.


We are accountable/responsible for how we treat our body.


There is, consequences for not taking care of our body.


There is, consequences for fornication in the body.


Employees are accountable to their employers.


Students are accountable to their teachers.


We are accountable for what we say about others.


Rom 14:12 every man shall give (account) report of himself unto God.


Our most urgent supernatural responsibility and accountability is to obey God’s eternal word.


You are accountable and responsible for how you handle (your time) on earth. 

Your time is very short here in comparison to your life  in eternity.


It's far better to focus our time and effort on God’s plan within his word for our life on earth.


God says: obey my voice and I will be your God. Jer.7: 23

Resurrection is real.

Judgement is real.

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The resurrection proves the authenticity of the Gospel according to Jesus Christ

The religions of the world have no resurrection power. 

They are all dead, there is no Zoe Life in them.

Religion cannot recreate a man from within.


We all have to face Jesus Christ one day. Phil 2 is a reality.


To abandon the gospel is the greatest folly any man can make. We all need Jesus Christ (the gospel) (The Blessing)


God will raise man up from the dead and order him to give account of himself. Rom. 14:12.


You will be judged for what you have done in this life, whether it is good or evil. Rev.20:1-12


The word declares that God shall bring every work into judgement with every secret thing.


We cannot please God without applying ourselves to his eternal word of faith.Heb.11: 6


You are accountable to God there is no escape from him.


You are here for a divine purpose.You are loved by the Lord your God.


Your life on earth is being recorded in heaven, into many books.Rev.20: 10-12


We are accountable to fulfil our assignment. 

Our assignment should be our main focus on earth. There is no creation without assignment.


We are responsible for every gift God has given to us.

James 1.


We are not our own, we belong to God.We did not create ourselves.

We are a redeemed people if we are born again.Eph.1:7.


Our time on earth is limited, never forget this reality.


You must fulfil your divine purpose within the time God has given you on the Earth. Ecl.3. There is a time for everything.


You can still fulfil your divine purpose regardless of your present negative circumstances.


Every generation,

Every nation,

Every person is accountable to God.This is an eternal reality.


Life on earth was never supposed to be lived without responsibility accountability and purpose.


The plan of God is that we be responsible and accountable to his word. Jer.7: 23.


Make the word your final authority over your life.


The word of God is not the product of time, it is the product of Eternity it is God himself.

God and his word is one. 

St John 1:1-3.


God (watches over) his word to bring it to pass Jer.1: 12


God always submits to his word and so must we.


The word of God is Jesus Christ. Jesus is God’s person.


He is, the written and living word. St John 1:1-4


We are accountable and responsible to receive our healing from God.


We receive from God everything we need by Faith.


It is a very dangerous thing to live our life on earth without accountability.


Lot neglected God’s way of faith and lost his blessing. 


Don’t shipwreck your faith with doubt and fear.Fear is the enemy of faith.


Noah’s generation thought they could get away from this accountability but they failed. Gen 6-7


The children of Israel tried to get away from this accountability many times but failed. Num. 14 example.


Ananias and Sapphira did not realize that they were directly accountable to God.Acts 5.


They lost their lives because  they did not recognize their responsibility and accountability to God. Act 5


The world system is breaking down, because of none recognition and none application of biblical accountability.


In the beginning, God gave us supernatural responsibilities /supernatural accountability. Gen .1:26-28.


You are accountable to God.Rom.14:12.


Our source is God; God is our eternal sufficiency.


We are responsible and accountable to meditate God's eternal word.

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We are responsible to internalize God’s word, which is, incorruptible seed.

We are responsible to pray God’s word daily. 

Scripture declares:

If you continue in my word, then are you, my disciples, indeed. John 8:31


Neglect, not the gift that is in thee. 1 Tim 4:14


Eternal life is the gift of God. Rom 6:23.

We have the supernatural within us

To continue in the faith is to continue in the word.


We should never live our lives on the Earth without applying the principles of God’s word.


Scripture declares:

Thy word have I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against thee. Ps 119.


Scripture declares:

Man shall not live by bread alone, but by (every word) that proceeds out of the mouth of God. Matt.4: 4


Put God’s word as the final authority in your life, practice doing his word daily. 

The way to get God to help you is to put his covenant word first in your personal life as final authority.