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Living By faith

Inside information:
By Bishop Dalton G Burnett

(How to live by Faith)
The Just shall live by faith heb 10:38.
We must let God's word be the final authority in our life on earth.
Please make a proper study of Hebrewss 11,

Faith was the only reason for the great success of Daniel and Joseph in the Bible and all others in our times. We must walk by faith and not by sight in the name of the lord Jesus.Understand that you are the personal representative of Jesus Christ in this world.

You have to train yourself to live by the unseen and unfelt. Which is God's word.

God's word must become the most important thing in your life this is how you will begin to experience supernatural power and supernatural miracles. ( the life flow of God)

In all circumstances pray in the Holy Ghost in new tongues.MK16. Let the word be the thing you live by all the time, regardless of what you see and feel.

Don't believe in your denomination believe the Bible instead. Always put God's word first place in your life. Jesus said: the scriptures cannot be broken so get faith from what cannot be broken nor altered.God's word is forever settled.

Determine to believe God's word every day of your life regardless of the circumstances that you'll see and feel in the natural.

God's word is not dependent upon your circumstances but upon his ability that is already within his word . God's word is pregnant with his power and ability.

Understand that if God promises you anything it is already your property.

Divine healing divine prosperity and  success is already your property by the faith of God's eternal word that is already given to you.

However, the manifestation will only come as you learn to act on the word of God in a consistent manner. Lifestyle is the key.

Understand that you are what God says you are and you have what God says you have even though you don't see it now believe that it is already yours.
Mk 11:24.

Make it your priority to live in love and walk by Faith. 2 Cor. 5:7.

Section up your day and time and live in the realms of prayer and the study and application of Gods eternal word.

Your attitude determines your altitude in the business of the kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Understand that God has already Blessed you with all spiritual Blessings in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. 

You are already a Descendant of the living God; one of the Sons of the living God with the incorruptible nature of God within your recreated spirit. 1 Pet. 1:23.

Live and walk by Faith every day, believe in the invisible more than how you believe what you see with your natural eyes; learn to take the word of God extremely seriously and learn to speak the word of God into your situation. 

You do not have to feel your healing to know that you are already healed, that's not faith. Faith is knowing and receiving what God says and (taking ownership of it) before you see any change in the natural.

Healing is not given to you by how you feel but by what you know God has told you in his word; and by what you received by the faith of God's Promises.

Your healing is always within the promises of God; and they will be manifested as you act upon the word of God on a daily basis but you must be consistent in this method to get proper results. Know that God cannot lie and never give in to the enemy.

God's word are spiritual weapons. Keep your eyes on God's eternal word.

You can block your miracle with your doubt and fear. Therefore train yourself to  stand by Faith on God's eternal word regardless of the circumstances you see in the natural. Thy word oh Lord is forever settled in Heaven.

All your circumstances are subordinate to God's word.