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Your New birth in Christ

The new birth is the impartation of the life of God into the Spirit of Man and the destruction of the satanic nature out of Man. 2 Cor. 5:17 ref.

There is absolutely no birth defects in the new birth, it is the perfect birth because it is the direct product of the word of God himself. 

Therefore in the new birth we are born again not of corruptible seed but of the incorruptible seed nature life being and substance of God. 1 Pet 1:23 Ref.

Oh if only Believers around the world within the local churches will meditate on this reality for a period of 3 months continuously it will change things in the local church and within each family within the local church unit. 

According to the eternal word of God we are in Christ.

We are created in Christ we are not of the world system.

We are raised together with Christ. Eph 2.

We have been given joint-seating in heavenly places with Christ. Eph.2.

According to the word we are more than Conquerors in Christ.Rom 8.

We are the workmanship of the almighty God created in Christ Jesus.

We are the Jesus people we are the Jesus family.

Jesus Christ is our nature I repeat, Jesus (Christ is our nature)

Learn to Put pressure on the Jesus nature in you by living by faith daily. Put pressure on the supernatural that's in you already.

Now I asked the great question can anything or anyone defeat the nature of Christ????????

You know that is impossible!

Put the nature of Christ in you to work by Faith, by laying hands on the sick and they shall recover. Mark 16:18.

The nature of Christ in you is full of divine inside information.

The believer must learn to live by the inside information of the Holy Spirit.

God never meant for us to live by natural information alone but by the inside information of his Spirit.

We live in an information technology age but God wants us to live by the (inside information)of his word which is forever settled in heaven and cannot be broken or repealed.

Jesus Christ is my nature my nature is Jesus because I am born again of his Incorruptible word seed. 1.Pet.1:23.

The same goes for you if you are born again it really means that you are not from this world system you are from the next world into which you are headed.