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A New Man 2

As I study the epistles of Paul, especially those to the Ephesians, Philippians and Colossians, I see depths of the workings of God in individual believers that have rarely, if ever experienced. 

I began to see that God’s purpose in Christ was to actually create a new race of beings on this earth (2 Co. 5:17-18).

 I see that Christ actually died to provide a way for us to receive His Spirit and thereby become the actual habitation of God Himself.

God’s whole plan was to get His Spirit in us so that we could become a  new race of people.

A species of being that never existed before” is how one translation puts it.

Jesus came preaching the Kingdom of God.

 He said (and He told His followers to say) “The kingdom of God is at hand”. Jesus came offering, explaining and demonstrating the kingdom of God. 

The principles He taught were the laws of the Kingdom. They were how the Kingdom operated.

His message was how to live and function in the Kingdom of God. But for some reason, the church has put everything off into the future. 

While there is and will be a future fulfillment of the Kingdom, we should understand that we can and should function in the Kingdom now! 

Divine Healing is not a function of the earth. 

It is a function of the Kingdom.

When we minister healing as we should, it is actually a function of God’s Kingdom warring against the “kingdom” of darkness.

When a person is sick, they need a demonstration of life in the Kingdom.

Life in the kingdom is life in the Spirit. Jesus wasn’t preaching a kingdom that could not be attained. He was telling the people how to live the Kingdom life here and now. 

His life was a life lived in the kingdom. He lived in this world but was not “of it”. He was not limited by the natural laws of this earthly realm. He lived by faith, just as we are to live by faith.

He spoke to trees, He spoke to wind and waves. He commanded fish to provide His tax money. He spoke to demons and they obeyed.He spoke to sickness and disease and they left the people. 

His life was a demonstration of how we are to live and function in the Kingdom of God. His disciples asked Him to increase their faith and He answered, “If you have faith as a seed, you will speak. (Matt. 21:21)

When we were born again, we received a new kind of life. This life was a life in the Spirit and it was a life of the Spirit. 

When we learn that life in the Kingdom is a life without sickness or disease, a life without lack. A life of power and ability provided by the Spirit which dwells within us, we will start to see this “new species” start to manifest. 

We will see a new race of beings begin to manifest called, “sons of God”.They will be sons that will be manifested to enforce the victory Jesus died to provide.They will be sons that will walk as Jesus walked in every area of life.

They will no longer get sick and get healed, only to get sick again. They will learn and know and walk in true divine life which includes divine health.

They will know that God is their Father and their Provider and they will have what they need when they need it and the world will look at them in wonder, not understanding how this group of people can seem to have nothing and yet have everything they need and want.

When this new breed of Christian arises they will begin to bring peace to the physical earth that has been bound for so long under the bonds of corruption that literally causes the earth to groan and cry out for relief.

This new breed of Christian will no longer speak defeat, they will always speak God’s Word of Victory! They will glorify God as they speak and act on His behalf. They will represent Him in the same way His Son Jesus represented him.

They will begin to believe all that the Scriptures declare to be true.They will know that they ARE more than conquerors. They will constantly give thanks to God Who ALWAYS causes us to triumph in Christ Jesus.

They will know that as He IS, SO ARE THEY IN THIS WORLD!

They will lay hands on the sick and the sick SHALL recover.

These things are being seen even now in those that are believing the Scriptures and walking in the truth of them.

We are seeing this come to pass even now. And it is only going to get stronger and stronger.